23 February 2016

Things that are 50

Celebrating their golden anniversary this year:

Star Trek. I think it’s safe to say this show had an effect on me, though we’ve drifted apart over the years.

Batman. A TV series that is often mocked by comic fans but that left a mark on pop culture. People remember it.

The Green Hornet. Underappreciated today, I think.

Both a force in TV and music.

The Stones’ classic album.

You can’t have a 1960s retrospective without the Beatles.

All of Generation X.

This guy.

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Fans celebrate the 50th anniversary of Batman, Star Trek and the Monkees


Mike Taylor said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw your title was Revolver. Glad to see it made the cut, but a bit horrified that it comes after both the Monkees and the Stones!

practiCal fMRI said...

Happy birthday, old timer! (Ya got me by two years.) Revolver, first album I ever bought, at the tender age of ten or eleven. It was already a teenager then! That in itself is a tad scary. Ah well, here's to another good fifty. I hear getting old beats the alternative. Then again, I think the worst case scenario might be to live to 130.