13 April 2004

Spread your tiny wings and fly away

This could be my last entry for a few days, as I'm flying to Bethesda, Maryland tomorrow to attend a short course. I don't know how much 'Net access I'll have until I get back on Saturday. My laptop is way past due for a replacement, so I will be looking for internet cafes or something to deal with emails, online teaching, and my journal. Hopefully I'll be too busy to worry about 'Net withdrawl symptoms.

I'm nervous about all the stuff I'll be missing while I'm gone. We have a job candidate coming in (#9 for this year!), who I won't get to meet. Ugh. I have animals in the lab that need occasional inspection. And students want attention, too. They need advisement, they need questions answered, and so on.

I'm pleased to be leaving on a positive note, though. I was actually able to sit down and run an experiment with one of my students today. And that always rocks.

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