02 January 2006

2006 so far

I was over in Wal-Mart looking for some stuff, and they had taken down all the Christmas decorations in one section of the store that I walk through. What's replaced it? Barbecue supplies. I kid you not. It seems utterly appropriate considering that the temperature was 30°C on New Year's Day. Just a portent what I have to look forward to this year: heat, heat, heat.

On the other side of looking forward to 2006, though, I have two papers to be published in the next couple of months, which means that 2006 is already shaping up to be a decent year for me, publication wise. My all time record was four papers in one year, and that was the year after I finished my Ph.D. Two is about average, so I'm hoping I can push things above average in the later months of the year.

Meanwhile, I'm just getting my goodies ready to fly to Florida tomorrow to attend the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting. I've been to this conference once before and liked it a lot. So I'd better get back to putting a couple of final finishing touches on that talk!

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