19 January 2007

Safe returns

We had a bad few days in the department when one of our instructors went missing. She had gone overseas for the holidays, and when classes started... nowhere to be seen. This continued for a couple of days.

Fortunately, she is safe and sound and has returned to work this morning. Whew.

I got asked to step into her class temporarily and give a lecture rather than canceling class, which I was glad to do. But I am also glad I will not be having to do it for any more days, since it took a big bite out of my time.

In other news... um... well... there isn't much. Classes have started again, I'm working on a manuscript and trying to make arrangements to go to meetings (South East Nerve Net is a possibility), that sort of thing.

And the prospect of some very good news remains just tantalizingly out of reach, so I still can't talk about it yet.

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