15 February 2007


I feel like much of what I'm doing intellectually this week is just reviewing other people's stuff. I'm reviewing one paper for Journal Club tomorrow. I'm reviewing one paper to help out a local newspaper reporter at The Monitor. I'm reviewing a manuscript for one scientific journal, and reviewing a book for another.

I'm particularly pleased to be reviewing for journals. A lot of my colleagues have been mentioned reviewing articles at one time or another, and I really haven't been asked to do many since I got here. When you're asked to do those sorts of things, it's one of those signs that you're "known" in the field.

So far, I haven't run into the problem that one of my supervisors warned me about. Because editors have trouble finding reviewers who make constructive comments, and get the reviews done on time, once you do a couple of reviews well, you get asked to do a lot of them.

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