02 June 2007

More revisions

Another manuscript got off my desk and sent to an editor yesterday. Hooray. So now I have one thing in press and two in the hands of editors. And... well... after that, nothing else is close to ready quite yet.

What next? I hope on Monday that I can actually get some science going, maybe a little data collection. One problem that has come up with regards to summer research plans, though, is that one of my students -- who was going to receive pay for working on a project with me -- might not be eligible to work. Turns out her family are not American citizens, and are in the middle of a green card application process -- something I know a little about. So now I might have to try to scrounge a back-up student, or something. ‘Tis a problem.

I always have problems re-focusing at the end of semesters, or in transition times. I work best when I consistently have similar tasks on a daily basis.

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