12 August 2007

Revision of a figure

Yesterday, I did a quick revamp on our Neuroethology poster for HESTEC. Previously, I wrote about the design of one of the data figures for that poster. Interestingly, I found out at the meeting that I was too clever for my own good in designing the Neuroethology poster. The problem was that I used the bars coming from the boxes to represent the minimum and maximum. Several people interpreted these as error bars (standard deviation or standard error). Because overlapping error bars usually indicate that groups are not significantly different, and error bars are smaller than minimums and maximums, this led some viewers to momentarily question the results.

Consequently, I went back to a more standard bar graph in the revised HESTEC poster. It's similar to this one, except it shows transformed data rather than the raw data, and the colour is not bright red.

The size of the HESTEC poster was also smaller, so a lot of cutting text and general simplification occurred. It's probably a better poster as a result.

I also started work on my annual compilation of everything I've done in the last year. It's a dreary process, although sometimes it can be nice to see how much you've done.

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