10 November 2007

Late SfN pics 2007

airport adWhen was the last time you saw an ad directed specifically at scientists in an airport? Science journals, sure. Science websites, sure. Airports?

The view from my far too nice hotel room, overlooking the San Diego convention center.

The main, overwhelming fact about the Society for Neuroscience meeting is that it is big. You can't really grasp the vast number of people in a single picture, but some give you hints.

And more people...

I was listening to the Nature podcast for 1 November, and they estimated 25,000 attendees. A substantial underestimate of the actual attendance of 31,000 plus.

A featured lecture; Jeff Hawkins prepares to give a talk. It's pretty rare that to need a big screen at a scientific conference to determine that the speaker does, in fact, have a face.

Again, an attempt to convey the airplane hanger-like size of the poster sessions / vendors area.

Note that the exhibitors row numbers (top) here is in the low hundreds; the other end is up in the thousands.

Slow SubwayFinding lunch can be a challenge. Especially if you make the mistake of going to the world's slowest Subway... :(

And of course, there's the enticement to attend next year.

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