25 February 2008

What wasn't reported most places

David BaltimoreThe American Association for the Advancement of Science (often referred to verbally as "Triple A S") had it annual conference last week. I heard a lot of reports back from the conference on various podcasts, but interesting, only the Australian Science Show mentioned the searing commentary of outgoing AAAS president, David Baltimore (pictured):
Since 2001 I've lived the life of denial. I've denied responsibility for the actions of America. I've denied that President Bush speaks for, represents, my country. I have held my breath awaiting new inhabitants in Washington who will again be moral, thoughtful, balanced people who I consider true Americans.
And that's just the beginning. More of Baltimore's comments can be found here.

What I find interesting is not Baltimore's criticism of President Bush, but that nobody mentioned it. Here's the president what might be the biggest scientific society in the world taking a swipe at the president -- and (almost) nobody notices.

If the leader of a major labour union or other group said what Baltimore said at a major gathering of their members, would they get attention? Probably. But scientists, it seems, can safely be ignored.

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