01 November 2008

"Out of control"?

First, there is an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed K-12 science standards, which is described here. Not sure how long the comment period will last, though.

I hope many people of scientific bent will comment, because it seems likely that those supporting science education on the State Board of Education will need all the help they can get to ensure they are not watered down.

A Houston Chronicle column says:

The board 9of Education) under (David) Bradley and Chairman Don McLeroy, a College Station Republican — neither of whom have a background in education — has veered so far out of control that lawmakers are contemplating the option of converting the elected board back to an appointed one.

"I've heard the rumblings," House Public Education Chairman Rob Eissler, R-The Woodlands, told me recently. "I've heard the 'A' word."

The author goes on to venture:

"I think we need to spend a whole lot more of our time and energy on reading, writing and arithmetic," he told me. "And, you know, if there's time to spare, the students might be able to spend a little time on some electives. But we're doing a very poor job on reading, writing and arithmetic to be spending time, money and effort on other curriculums."

And there you have it.

In 2008, the vice president of the board that decides what our children learn and what textbooks will teach it to them believes that science and social studies are unnecessary.

Additional: An op-ed om The Examiner similarly calls the State Board of Education "off the rails."

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