16 October 2008

Response to creationists on science review boards

Reactions to appointment of creationists to the review of Texas's science standards are not in full swing yet, probably because there has been no official announcement from the State Board of Education, according to the Evo.Sphere blog. It notes:
(T)hat two of the nominees are from out-of-state is unprecedented when Texas has hundreds of highly-qualified professional scientists who could have served on the review panel.

Stephen Meyer is the most egregiously bad of the three noted. The other two may be more difficult to dislodge, as they do have genuine academic credentials, although, as the post notes, Ralph Seelke has a an anti-evolution textbook to hawk...

Over at The Panda's Thumb, a quick bon mot:
In other news, Kim Jong-il was appointed an expert reviewer of the standards related to economics…

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