02 April 2009

Comfort zones

What do you do to challenge yourself?

What do you do to expose yourself to views besides the ones you already have?

What do you do specifically because you don’t know how to do it very well and you want to get better?

These are not rhetorical questions; I’d really like to know.

For me, one small thing I do it to listen to The Current podcast. Because it’s a general news show, I’m often listening to some story, covered reasonably substantially, that I wouldn’t otherwise hear in the southern U.S.

But I wonder about whether I’m pushing myself enough to do something hard. And whether other people do.

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@mafost said...


A Christian by faith, I read books and watch videos from the big 4: Dennet, Dawkins, Harris, Hitchins.

An evolutionist by knowledge, I frequent the websites of IDers like Answers in Genesis and Ray Comfort.

An educator by profession, I read professional literature and test new methodologies - yadda yadda. I'm not quite satisfied with this area. Somewhere deep inside I've got this impractical desire to start my own school. Now that's beyond my comfort zone...Especially when I want to make enough money to feed my baby, keep my wife happy, and obtain my PhD. Scary.