12 March 2012

Neuroscientists Talk Shop

When I was at the University of Texas San Antonio last week, I recorded an interview with them for their Neuroscientists Talk Shop podcast. Mine is now up. It’s mostly about nociception, although the connectome post I published last week also came up.

In this interview, my co-author on the nociception paper, Sakshi Puri, talks a bit about getting emails from PETA. When we published our paper, I blogged about my worries that there would be some people who would not like it regardless of what the paper actually says. I was disappointed to learn I was right, after the amount of effort we put into the paper to prevent misunderstandings.

For the record, if any of you have a problem with my research, please include me in that conversation.

There are 80 other interviews in this series. For fellow neuroethologists, some that might be particularly interesting include:

Mine was so enjoyable and the questions were so good, I plan go back and listen to a lot of episodes in their back catalog.

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