22 August 2012

Good thing I’m not in a hurry

I submitted a manuscript yesterday, which made me happy. But as I was updating my CV, I looked at my other manuscripts in review, and my happiness was slightly undone.

I have one manuscript that I submitted almost exactly one year ago. I have had an initial positive review, but and still awaiting final acceptance.

I have one manuscript that is is two months in with not initial decision. Not too nervous yet (summer holidays can mean a slowdown in review time). But I’d be happy to read the first reviews any time now... any time at all. Any second. Now.

Then there is my most recent paper, which has been out almost two months. But it’s still up as a provisional PDF and not the final typeset version. I was wondering when I might see the final version, and was disappointed to read this analysis that found only 20% of papers or less were typeset in three months after their initial availability as an online pre-print.

I am not in a field that typically needs to move very fast, but there is room for improvement here.

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