01 September 2012

Comments for second half of August, 2012

A post on Impact Factors at Reciprocal Science has a big ol’ comment thread, and I’m part of it!

How academics can create an online presence. Was surprised that someone’s first recommendation was... LinkedIn? Haven’t met anyone who’s gotten much out of that (and I say that as someone with a profile.)

The Tracing Knowledge blog talks about evidence of insect photosynthesis.

Life After Thesis wonders why more academics aren’t online in a significant way.

Hot button topics in science are tricky issues, as Unofficial Prognosis discusses.

Mike the Mad Biologist asks who we need to persuade to make changes to scientific publishing. (Hint: Follow the money.)

Neuropolarbear ponders whether to discuss the old science or the new science in his presentations.

Pondering Blather looks at the ever decreasing security afforded by tenure.

Neuroskeptic says that replicating experiments is not the critical thing to worry about in making a science credible.

Steve Caplan at No Comment tries to defend the idea that journal names are a good proxy for the quality of individual papers within, on average. I remain unconvinced.

Scott Berkun be hatin’ Prezi. I zoomin’.

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