01 February 2013

Science Online 2013, day 2: In which sartorial choices are explained

I was wearing one of my kilts at Science Online yesterday. This is still unusual enough for a guy to wear that you get questions about it. Questions like, "Are you Scottish?" (No.)

I told a few people the story of why I got myself a kilt.  I decided that I was going to get one as a present to myself for getting tenure. The first time I wore it was my first full day as a tenured associate professor. I’d told one of my students that this was my plan a week or two in advance. She showed up in my office on the first of the month saying, “Let’s see it.’ I stood up, and she said, ‘... I didn’t think you’d actually do it.’

Getting tenure is supposed to afford you a certain amount of protection to make unpopular or unusual decisions. I got myself a kilt to remind myself to be fearless.

Because a man in a kilt fears nothing.

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Namnezia said...

I would think a man in a kilt fears a windy day.

Peter said...

Photos, please. Or we just won't believe you.

Anonymous said...

I can verify the existence of the kilt. (No relation to Dr. Zen, but we've met at a previous conference, where I had opportunity to witness the wearing of said kilt.)

Zen Faulkes said...

Peter: Who needs pictures when there's video? Bonus: Dance with a lemur.