16 July 2013

Comments for first half of July 2013

I have a brief cameo on Skepchick on a Twitter project that compile  “love” and “hate” about science.

At High Heels in the Lab, a physicist talks to her sister about her research and gets a surprising reaction.

Namnezia describes how a magazine writer can’t see past his national origin to get to his science.

Small Pond Science looks at how much researchers should specialize. The punch line:

Doing this work on an obscure topic buys you a place at the table. That might be true, with a caveat: Working on minutia buys you a place at the kiddie table.

While browsing Small Pond Science, check the post about research statements if you want a job at a teaching university.

Empirical Planet takes on a favourite neuromyth of mine: That we have lizard brains tucked inside of us that are responsible for things like fear and aggression.

And lastly, I want to thank Lauren Meyer for her lovely recommendation and Scicurious for another plug for this blog.

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