21 April 2014

Alternative metrics, but mainstream happiness

Because I am starved for attention, I have been obsessively watching the altmetric score for my article on post publication peer review in Neuron last week. It’s performed well from day one. But I’m screen grabbing this today:

“Other articles of a similar age in Neuron: Ranks 1st.”

Thanks to all who read the piece, tweeted, and shared it. I am grateful for your attention.


Mike Taylor said...

How did you find your article on altmetric.com? I've never found any of mine, and (stupidly) can't find a search box.

Zen Faulkes said...

There's an altmetric button, right under the title, my name, and DOI, on the article's page on Cell Press.

My goodness, does that mean Cell Press - gasp! - added value?! ;)

It’s also on the ScienceDirect page for this article too, but it’s stuck down in the middle of the right hand column and easy to overlook. The ScienceDirect pop-up looks very klunky on my browser, too.

Altmetric has a bookmarklet that can check the scores of articles. I’m not sure exactly how it works, honestly. I think you have to be on the article’s home page.