02 August 2014

Name those sharks!

As I mentioned earlier, my parents got to be voice actors for Sharknado 2: The Second One. (They screamed.) I also got to name sharks in the film. The request for the names, as it happened, came exactly on my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary (!), so I named my sharks after my parents.

I was excited when I opened up the email and saw the image of the first shark! Wow! It’s a shark that’s part of a celebrity cameo! Kelly Ripa is dispatching my mon’s shark on Live with Kelly and Michael!

Kelly retweeted a picture of this during the first showing of Sharknado 2.

Then I opened up the next email to see the image of the shark I named after my dad. I am pretty sure you will have to click to enlarge:

... I hoped that this wouldn’t lead to any conflicts in my parents’ household. But I got this email:

My shark is bigger than Dad’s shark na-na-na-na hey hey

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