18 December 2015

Today is the day and I just can’t wait!

Today is the day I will finish grading this last assignment I gave my neurobiology students! Just five left! I cannot remember the last time grading has taken so long and taken so much out of me. It’s been tough this semester.

Oh yeah, there’s also a sequel out to a movie that rocked my world some thirty odd years ago.

But apart from this blog post, I am staying off social media for a few days* until I can submit my final grades and avoid all the trolls posting Star Wars spoilers!

* Except maybe Google Plus. Because not much ever happens there, right?

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Vickie Feminist said...

Haven't visited for a while and, boy, what I have missed. Skimming down your recent posts I learned you've won a Nobel and a McArthur and you're getting them today and then will go see the Star Wars movie. Man, you rock this neurobiology stuff!! Congrats!!!!!