25 August 2017

Big bad Harvey

I’m probably going to be mostly unaffected by Hurricane Harvey. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campuses are closed today and tomorrow. Currently, the forecast is for a few inches of rain and possible power outages.

But the rest of Texas isn’t going to fare so well.

Harvey’s going to be very, very bad.

It’s hard to believe that on Monday, nature was treating millions to probably her most beautiful sight – a total solar eclipse. And here we are on Friday, same week, with millions of people dreading one of her most deadly events.

I hope my friends and colleagues elsewhere in Texas and Louisiana stay safe.

Update, 27 August 2017: Houston this morning. Pic from here.

This is after one day, and there’s more days to come yet.

This tweet shows water flooding into a news building after it rose a foot in 15 minutes. Terrifying.

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