20 July 2019

A sad story about the first moon landing

(This post contains material that some may find distressing; specifically, suicide.)

I’m too young to remember the moon landing.

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In my case, that might be a good thing.

My dad played rock ‘n’ roll guitar when he was young, and had a good friend who was a drummer. But his friend developed problems with his eyes, which got progressively worse.

When Apollo 11 landed, he was trying to get watch it on the television, just like the whole rest of the world was doing. He just couldn’t see it.

He decided that day that he didn’t want to live any more. He killed himself.

I wish I had a happier story.

The moon landing was one of the greatest shared moments of human history. If there is a lesson, maybe it’s to remember the frustration and pain of being kept out of shared experiences. People want to be included.

If you are struggling with events in your life, please seek help.

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