07 September 2007

Oh, no.

I was just looking for something for another post I was writing, and boom, learned Barry Beyerstein was dead.


I can't say I knew him well, but he was someone who did me some favours. When I was a grad student, he invited me over from UVic to SFU to give a talk to the BC Skeptics after reading an article I published in The Skeptical Inquirer. It was my first invited talk. Later, he was a special science guest at I-Con 2, a SF convention I helped organize in Victoria.

He was wonderfully friendly guy. I'm sorry I'll never get a chance to run into him again.

Additional, 20 March 2014: Here’s someone who heard Barry Beyerstein at I-Con 2, which, as I said, I was involved in organizing and inviting Barry to. He calls hearing Beyerstein speak, “a life-altering shock to me, a road to Damascus moment.”

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