31 October 2007

California dreamin'... I wish

Didn't sleep well last night. Don't expect to sleep well tonight. I'm getting on a plane later today and going to San Diego for the annual meetings of the J.B. Johnston Club and the Society for Neuroscience.

I'm giving a talk at the J.B. Johnston Club, and the talk was not at the point I wanted it to be last night. So I was having a bit of a freak-out trying to get it to where I wanted it to be. I'm almost there, but a couple of practice runs are needed to be sure.

And there are so many things I wanted to do before I left that are not done.

On the plus side... someone read one of my papers! And cited it!

One of the nice things about living in the digital age is that lots of things can be done automatically. Many journals offer "Citation alerts" that send you an email when a particular paper has been referenced in another journal. Yesterday, I got my very first one! And the best part was.. it was by someone that I personally do not know. It's very easy in this business sometimes to think that the only people who have looked at your stuff are people that you have actually met, so small is this community.

And even better was that the paper was actually relevant to some other projects I'm currently doing.

Right. Time to continue panicking for conference trip.

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