19 October 2007

Time tricks

I was gone to Texas A&M for less than 48 hours, but I feel like I've been gone the better part of a week. Weird.

I really enjoyed the trip. A&M is very, very different than any other uni I've visited in some ways. I haven't been on another campus where I've seen people standing around handing out bibles in the middle of campus, or any place with so many cadets with crew cuts and knee high boots.

Met several very nice scientists, and I think my talk went well. Had lunch at the Dixie Chicken, which has atmosphere to spare and good pub grub. Dinner was at The Republic, which had excellent steak and what I called "the schizophrenic desert" – a key line cheesecake / creme brule combo, that worked unexpectedly well.

Mike Smotherman, you rock! Thanks for the invite!

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