24 April 2008

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 23

More coverage this morning about the THECB's Academic Excellence Committee's recommendation in anticipation of the full Coordinating Board vote today.

The Houston Chronicle has an article that describes some of the testimony before the Committee vote:
Paredes' recommendation and the vote by members of the Academic Excellence and Research Committee followed a 30-minute public hearing, during which 10 people — most of whom said they held doctoral degrees in a scientific field — split over the issue.

"What they are calling science education has as much to do with science as reality television has to do with reality," said Paul Murray, a geophysicist from Austin.

Chris Krosschell, a former Air Force pilot, played a tape of Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman, speaking as he looked back at the Earth.

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth," Borman said, quoting the opening passages of Genesis.
Texas Christian University's Daily Skiff supports the committee recommendation:
The higher education board should be commended for their actions to bring this issue to a vote instead of letting a group use its own agenda to decide what is a justified master's degree program.

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