23 April 2008

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 21

The news is hitting the wires now...

It seems all the news stories are taking the Coordinating Board's final vote tomorrow as a fait accompli. The Austin American-Statesman says:
Judging by the panel’s unanimous vote, it appears likely that the board will also reject the institute’s proposal.
Not surprisingly, Dallas Morning News reports:
A lawyer for the Bible-based group also warned that the coordinating board could eventually face legal action for suppressing the free-speech rights of the institute.
THECB commissioner Ray Paredes is quoted:
“Evolution is such a fundamental principle of contemporary science it is hard to imagine how you could cover the various fields of science without giving it [evolution] the proper attention it deserves as a foundation of science,” he said.
Houston Chronicle has quotes from ICR director, Henry Morris III:
"It really wasn't a surprise given the current climate of opposition that exists," Morris said. "We anticipated resistance when we applied for it."
It'll be interesting to see if this ripples out into the national American and international news.

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