12 June 2008

Oceanview poster

Poster session view
This picture sort of sums up the The Crustacean Society meeting: all a bit of a blur... But really! You could see the ocean from the poster session.

My student Sakshi and I made the 7 hour drive to Galveston, gave our poster, saw a couple of talks this morning (notably on cave biology -- cool stuff!), turned around and came back today. Whew!

The good news was that this quick trip up was definitely worth it. We got some feedback on the poster that may explain some puzzles we've had from one of the few people who had concrete information. And I met someone who specifically wanted to talk to me about some writing.

It only takes one thing to make a trip worthwhile, and I got two.

Had a bit of a bad moment when I walked into the room where the poster session was being held, and saw every space available was occupied by another poster. Decided to cover up an announcement temporarily to display the poster, as shown below.

TCS poster

Title redacted for security reasons.


A simple question... said...

security reasons?

PipeTobacco said...


I am unsure if you were joking (I think so) or serious (I do not think so) when you mention your title is "redacted for security reasons". I see it is partially blacked out, but seriously, what is the real story?


Zen said...

I'm not quite ready to give away the main story on the poster on the net quite yet. A manuscript will be coming soon, I hope. And some editors are real fussy about that sort of thing.