14 January 2011

Reimagining the CBC logo

I don’t always listen to movie soundtracks while I’m working. Sometimes, I listen to the CBC Radio 3 podcast. On a recent episode, host Grant Lawrence interviewed Gene Simmons of KISS. Simmons suggested a new Radio 3 logo, which got mocked up like this:

They asked for feedback about the logo, so I sent an email, which got read on this week’s podcast (starts at 23:26). Several other listeners responded much more to the source of the suggestion than the logo itself, methinks.

For the record, I saw the logo above on the podcast, which I like much more than this one on the Radio 3 website:

I think the grays help make the top one a bit more edgy, like street art; the bright colours on the bottom one look a little too cartoony.

You can find a history of CBC logos here. I don’t remember the butterfly...

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