31 March 2011

Comments for second half of March 2011

LoonieChemist makes me homesick. Mmmmmm. Smarties. Twice.

Scicurious and I are not only fellow neuroscientists.... we’re dinophiles.

Brian Switek continues on with the Brontosaurus retrospective at Dinosaur Tracking.

Bradley Vortek looks at how much brain you need. I wonder about one of the references that everyone has heard of, but may not have been published.

Jeff Toney at Dean’s Corner claims that students don’t read newspapers. That’s not what my students told me.

Jonathan Eisen, at Tree of Life, does something I’ve also started doing: a post describing the backstory to one of his recent papers.

Janet Stamwedel at Adventure in Ethics & Science, shows some wonderful sketches of ecological concepts.

At Demin and Tweed, Jeremy Yoder beat me to a great story of eggs and evolution. He blogged it, and now I don’t have to.

Namnezia got tenure!

Dr. Becca is thinking about her new lab space.

I make a cameo appearance at Worst Prof Ever.

When it comes to crayfish, I’m such a pedant. But don’t let me acting as part of the crayfish mafia discourage you reading this post at Student Voices about crayfish management.

Science Professor looks at why a search committee sometimes come up empty.

At Body In Life, Flavia Di Pietro wonders if “nociceptor” is a loaded definition.

A new paper in PLoS ONE says intelligent design can be taught next to evolution in Texas. And that isn’t true.

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