14 April 2011


Texas legislators did not particularly like the national attention the State Board of Education brought to the state in the last couple of years.

Several bills have gone forward to try to curb the excesses that went into the making of the last set of K-1 science standards. To my knowledge, none have passed yet. But the most recent is being heard now, which would specify the nature of the experts brought in to review proposed standards.

I had not known that the Board already increased the standards for “experts” earlier this year. But they are still not terribly demanding: a bachelor’s degree and demonstrated experience.

The American Independent is reporting on Bills are going forth that would require experts have doctoral degrees and five years of university teaching – that’s generally going to mean someone who is almost a tenured professor.

You may recall that Don McLeroy, chair of the Board during the revision of the science standards, famously said someone had to “stand up” to experts.

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