16 July 2011

Comments for first half of July 2011

DrugMonkey reviews a case up the road from me, in San Antonio, about a professor suing her institution for not keeping its promises on start-up. We both hope she wins.

PostDoc Forum has a list of networking tips.

GertyZ has done a great service by starting a list of female speakers who will rock your seminar. She also delves into the mysteries of the indirect costs of American federal grants, which I just know you’re interested in. Right? Right?

Namnezia asks where project ideas emerge from. And there is a celebration of one year of blogging.

ProfGears wonders how people decide to not review a paper.

Travis at Science of Blogging asks if scientists who give TED Talks can be trusted. Of course not – none of us can be trusted. Especially not me.

Canadian Girl Postdoc ponders academic charisma.

The Dangerous Experiments guest blog discusses how to give a good thesis defence.

Jarrett Byrnes talks about how his newest paper on kelp bed food webs came to be. I’m a sucker for those kinds of stories.

petermr’s blog asked, “What is the reason for having Impact Factors in 2011?

At Molecular Love, Brooke LaFlamme saved me the trouble of writing a blog post about a new paper on spider sex.

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