01 July 2011

Comments for second half of June 2011

Set aside the time to read this post on human echolocation. It’s long, but so, so, worth it.

ChemBark examines the technical comments on the arsenic life paper, and still finds major problems.

Kevin, at We, Beasties, justifies open access scientific publishing by arguing about taxes. Bad move. This led to a longer post of my own.

Tara at Aetiology discusses her disappointment about the information presented about science communication at a recent conference.

Virginia Hughes looks at the use of brain scans in detecting deception. She accurately sums up the state of the art, but I wonder about the future state of the art.

Dr. Becca is only a few weeks out from starting her new job and wants advice about what to think about.

NeuroSkeptic covers a story that I like because it is how science is supposed to work. On where people take the time to replicate findings and revise hypotheses if necessary.

Odyssey at Pondering Blather describes one researcher’s path from specialist to generalist.

GertyZ waxes eloquently about the efficiency of her institution’s purchasing department. In a manner of speaking.

Cath Ennis asks scientists to recount their most disgusting science experience.

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