01 April 2013

Comments for second half of March 2013

The NSF DEBrief blog asks what proportion of awards should be awarded to beginning investigators and undergraduate institutions? (Pushed to comment there by Prof-Like Substance.)

A mole crab post! By someone who is not me! Instead, it is Beach Chair Scientist! Of course I shall comment!

Can formal training fix bad science talks? Leopold Leadership suggests every grad student get formal training on talks. I’m not sure this will do the job.

InBabyAttachMode considers the always vexing issue of work / life balance, given that blogger Dr. Isis is saying she could well be out of academic science in less than year.

The conversation about family friendliness continues at The Barefoot Doctoral.

Good post on scientific publishing in the attention economy.

When is professional development worth it when you’re a grad student or post-doc?

Amy Freitag looks at whether acceptance to grad school means anything if you didn’t get a stipend.

Girls are Geeks look at geeky band names.

On Google Plus, David Brin takes an overly optimistic view of a recent paper on brain imaging of convicts and a recent TED talk on desertification that is apparently going viral, but where the science is questionable.

Running Ponies looks at inky slugs, a research program I’ve talked about before.

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