14 April 2013

Leadership as the family business

The election of Justin Trudeau to the leadership of the Canadian Liberal Party gives me pause. (Note to those not familiar with Canadian politics: his father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister in the late 1960s and 1970s.) Former Prime Minster Paul Martin's father was also a highly successful politician, though never Prime Minister.

In the United States, the presidencies of the Bush family, and the prospect of a second Clinton presidency, give me similar pause.

Passing leadership of a nation within a family was the defining property of monarchies, not democracies.

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Mark Levison said...

Zen - Like you I'm uncomfortable, my preference was for Marc Garneau, an astronaut/policy wonk. The problem is the Liberals have tried two policy wonks and been beaten both times.

Trudeau at least has charisma.