06 October 2014

Incoming: The Complete Guide to Science Blogging

I am a big fan of “Nerdy” Christie Wilcox, Bethany “Scicurious” Brookshire, and Jason “Needs a catchy nickname” Goldman. They have all appeared on this blog in one form or another, and I on theirs.

The three of them have combined their forces, and the result is like this:

These three fantastic writers have edited The Complete Guide to Science Blogging, which will be out next year from Yale University Press.

I am not just a fan of this book, I am also a contributor. I do not, however, know much more about the book yet. I am looking forward to seeing who the other authors are, and what their chapters are about! These are slowly being revealed on the book’s Facebook page.

Next year seems to be a year for book chapters for me... although I think I am done with book chapters after the ones I’ve finished come out.

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