21 October 2014

Tuesday Crustie: Welcome wagon

It’s always polite to welcome a new family to town! Nicolai Roterman tweeted about his new paper:

If you like fossils and yeti crabs, then this is definitely for you!

It’s like he knows me!

Nicolai’s new paper in Scripta Geologica erects a new family, Pristinaspinidae, to accomodate the fossil Pristinaspina gelasina, shown as a line drawing in the upper left corner here. The other four pictures are its living relatives, yeti crabs, which remain in the family Kiwaidae.

And yes, this is another excuse to remind you that I curate a dancing yet crabs playlist on YouTube.


Ahyong ST, Roterman CN. 2014. Pristinaspinidae, a new family of Cretaceous kiwaiform stem-lineage squat lobster (Anomura, Chirostyloidea). Scripta Geologica 147: 11. http://www.scriptageologica.nl/16/nr147/a11

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