07 February 2017

The current and future fights between universities and the White House

I make a cameo appearance in this Times Higher Education piece that focuses on the US administration threats to stop sending federal money to the University of California, Berkeley if they don’t allow a bigot to speak there. The article wonders if the UC Berkeley story will just be the first in a long series of battles between the current administration and academia.

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Trump's Berkeley threat spotlights future battles

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practiCal fMRI said...

I am wondering who should cover the cost of policing demonstrations, wherever they happen. Because I have a feeling many jurisdictions are going to face choices like Berkeley did last week, and end up in no-win situations and with large police expenses to boot. It won't be just universities. Nor will it be confined to the US. POTUS already triggered large protests in cities around the world. His official visits are going to be flashpoints for sure. These will result in negative spin, accusations of lack of free speech, and large police bills. Berkeley was simply first. Guaranteed, it won't be the last.