06 May 2008

In which I discover how many deadlines I've missed

It's the end of the semester. Most of my colleagues are frantically grading. I am frantically trying to go back and get to the many tasks that have been getting stuck in cracks. Some have fallen through and cannot be retrieved. For instance...

I had a workshop application form that has been sitting on my desk. I didn't get to it right away, because it needed a CV. My CV was out of date (stuck in the crack), so I didn't finish and ship the application. I picked it up again today, googled the time of the workshop (which wasn't on the application form), and found out that the workshop was happening... yesterday through tomorrow.

Nope, can't make that one.

Also just discovered that I missed the early registration deadline for a meeting. That was yesterday.

It will be interesting to see how many things have slipped through the cracks and how many are merely stuck there.

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