10 December 2009

Stages of blog fame

Stage 1 – Elation: Pleasant surprise at being featured on Blogs of Note and increase in number of visitors.

Stage 2 – Panic: Freak out over the number of people visiting, and that your scheduled post during all this may not be the most substantive thing you’ve ever posted.

Stage 3 – Depression: Realization dawns that you will probably never have this many visitors ever again. *

Stage 4 – Acceptance (predicted): Work to earn the time of those people who decided to stick around to see what you got.

* Unless P.Z. Myers directs his readers to vote in the whale shark versus mimic octopus poll.


Lavina said...

Haha! This reminds me a little of xkcd and another blog which used venn diagrams and graphs on index cards. Witty. I like.


SM said...

Love it! I have 4 followers and I think i probably threatened them into reading my ramblings.

I'll be reading!

Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...

From time to time I pop into the blogs of note to see if there are any interesting blogs to look at. I have bookmarked some blogs as a result, so, enjoy it while it lasts as some people will follow you and add you to favourites.

JC said...

Celebrity status of the blog people huh. I've just started a blog so no followers as of yet but if this is anything to go by, then I'm dreading stages 2 and 3 if I even get there lol.

Lavina said...

The spectrum of celebrity status of bloggers is really varied. Julie & Julia, anyone?

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woodynyou said...

...not to mention that in the past 9 months to a year, with the emergence of facebook as the social networking beheamoth, there are sunstantially less people writing and reading blogs.

Ashley Ashbee said...

The prospect of becoming a prolific blogger does seem a little intimidating. I imagine the pressure would be even higher because "neuro" is in your name. I hesitated to read your blog because I didn't think I would be smart enough to understand it.

Thanks for making me laugh. I'm not too surprised you managed it, though. I've had some funny neurologists/neurosurgeons/biology teacher.

Zen Faulkes said...

loveable_homebody: Thank you.

If I ever get all incomprehensible, it’s now officially your job to tell me. ;)

That goes for all of you, actually.

ShazRon said...

I am a new blogger and thought this 'blogs of note' thing must be quite an achievement - I am thinking again ... sounds like too much pressure for me - however, well done on your 'Blog of note', may you ride the wave of fame steadily and easily :)

Polly said...

'Stages of Blog Fame' was worth a couple of amused chuckles!! ;) I greatly enjoyed your graphical representation!! ha ha... Great Stuff!!

Zen Faulkes said...

Compulsive: I didn't have to work on that graph. It's the actual blog traffic I'd had over the last month, according to Google Analytics.