04 December 2009

When all else fails... pander

I was reading NIH guidelines for grant preparation, and came across this almost disturbingly honest recommendation:

Please reviewers by citing their work if it’s relevant.

And there’s this:

Check the list of reviewers, and be sure to include any of their publications that are relevant to your project

I hate this sort of stuff that has nothing to do with the science. I really do.


As Bjorn said...

I worked as a lackey at the Illinois State Museum 20-ish years ago. I did some manuscript prep work on many archaelogical site reports and other volumes. I am here to testify that every time I ever saw a new book/volume/site report come out all the archaies would immediately turn to the back, to the biblio, and see if they had been mentioned/cited. Do not ever underestimate the role ego plays in human endeavour. I got out of organized poetry and literature for pretty much exactly that reason. Tired of pandering to get paid. It should be about the work, and some of it is, of course. But mostly it is about the politics and the egos. I like your blog, though. Interesting. Fun.

Stephanie said...

But it IS science...the science of Human Nature. We like flattery. :-) Trust me, if you compliment me upon our first meeting, I'm much more likely to feel some sort of mild connection between us two.

I don't think that's so irrelevant, maybe it's just more self-indulgent to deny the similarities between us as a species and the way that communicate different things on various levels.

The art of science is really about communication, in one direction or another.

Oh, and I found you via "blogs of note"...am loving it! Nice work ;-)