16 April 2010

Comments for first half of April 2010

Projectsteph talks about how a doctorate can be good training even for those who don’t want to remain in research. I point out that Seth Godin made a similar point less than 24 hours later.

Good, Bad and Bogus asks if journalists should report on research that hasn’t been peer reviewed. I think generally not. I neglected to mention that science journal often do report on results from conferences, which are rarely reviewed.

Canadian Girl Postdoc in America crunches the numbers on how many women are getting into academic jobs. I relate some calculations for my own department, and conclude I may not see parity between men and women before I die. Crap.

Scicurious at Neurotopia completed her doctorate. That deserves two languages’ worth of congratulations.

Skeptvet has a very nice table about words as scientists use them compared to how non-scientists hear them. But Carl Sagan gets mentioned in the comments, and I couldn't let that slide.

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