05 April 2010

Fashion! Turn to the left! Fashion! Turn to the right!

Dr. Becca was singing the praises of her new lab coat. It apparently references Lost.

Well, Dr. Becca, you are not the only one to have a cool partner. For not too long ago, I received as a gift, this:

Now, I will admit Dr. Becca’s lab coat may have a bit of an edge in the artistic department. The embroidery is more substantial. But, Dr. Becca, Ph.D., I will see your lab coat and raise. Do you have...

TEH GOGGLEZ?!?11?1!!?

(My people get me. The crazy, geeky, me.)


Becca said...

Zen, you have just brought PPE (and lab fashion!) to a whole new level. Awesome goggles.

Dusty Dudley said...

I'd say both lab coats are pretty awesome - thanks for making my Monday :-D