18 April 2010

Happy birthday to my research assistant

The guy on the right is my occasional research assistant. He helps out from time to time by shoveling through a bunch of sand looking for sand crabs, and runs animals from South Padre Island to the main campus for me. He’s celebrating his 70thbirthday today, and he’s my dad.

Happy birthday, Dad! Have a great day, and thanks for letting your kid be a goof.

And that bit goes for you too, Mom. (She’s the one on the left.)

(And incidentally, if you think there’s something wrong with a man making his septuagenarian father do hard physical labour, relax: he was only 69 when this picture was taken. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me I can’t have small children working 15 hour days.)

Photo by Jessica Murph, taken January 2010 on South Padre Island. Thanks, Jessica.

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