01 June 2013

Comments for second half of May 2013

NeuroPolarBear thinks we may be stuck with Impact Factor as a way of measuring single articles, as much as we hate them.

What’s in your trunk? Prof-like Substance wants to know!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you need to read this amazing retrospective of the design of the film’s iconic title.

Small Pond Science looks at the prospect of moving between universities. Also check out this post about how students address instructors. Then there’s the issue of sabbaticals.

The Cellular Scale asks what makes something an experiment.

Just go read Bug Girl's post on Insect Carl Sagan. Go now!

In Baby Attach Mode asks how you deal with rejection. I just expect it, because I suck.

Empirical Planet looks for science panel discussions. Unfilled niche, people! Someone grab it!

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