05 June 2013

How to make a zombie: The SICB symposium

Some time ago, I hatched a plot with Kelly Weinersmith. It was like this:

Yes, exactly like that. It was an idea that pinged around and got rejected once before it ultimately found a home.

But I am proud to announce that at the next Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting, to be held here in Texas, Kelly and I will be co-organizing the symposium, “Parasitic manipulation of host phenotype, or how to make a zombie.”

We’re excited to have this symposium at SICB, because this is truly an integrative topic. Trying to crack this problem requires the help of taxonomists, ethologists, ecologists, neurobiologists, and more. SICB is one of the few meetings where workings in all those different kinds of disciplines mingle together.

Mark the meeting on your calendar! It’s 3-7 January, 2014.
Now that we have embarked on a nefarious plot, we are in the market for a skull-shaped island.

Team CloneZombie... doing our part to keep Austin weird!

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