25 March 2009

Am I a far left academic or a secular elite opinion maker?

On the first day that the final hearings on the Texas K-12 science standards begin in Austin (covered in blog form at Evo.Sphere and Thoughts from Kansas; the link goes to the first in a series of posts), Don McLeroy offers an insulting essay in the Austin American-Statesman.

(T)he greatest difficulty in writing these standards is the culture war over evolution.

The controversy exists because evolutionists, led by academia’s far-left, along with the secular elite opinion-makers, have decreed that questioning of evolution is not allowed, that it is only an attempt to inject religion or creationism into the classroom.

Having already hit the gutter, McLeroy somehow manages to actually go downhill from there.

He redefines science.

He distorts the ideas of Stephen Jay Gould.

I want to fisk it, but I’m really too angry to do it now.

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@mafost said...

It gets under my skin.