03 March 2009

I'm not quitting my day job regardless of this estimate

The value of the NeuroDojo blog, according to $timator:


Check yours?



There’s no way that’s even close to reality. My blog is not worth $4,571,815. I agree with Beth’s Blog on this one.

If you are attempting to translate benefits into dollar amounts, particularly intangible benefits - make sure you have a credible formula that you can explain to your executive director in under 5 minutes and that is credible.

By comparison, here’s the estimate for the main page of the institution I work for:

My blog is not worth 100 times more than my university’s main page ($38,413). Even I don’t have that big of an ego to think so. My blog is also worth more than Richard Dawkins’ main site ($187,860), the Pharyngula blog ($2,361,839), Science magazine ($933,301), the National Science Foundation ($242,149), and the government of Canada ($191,781).

I suspect the issue is that because this blog is hosted on blogger, it’s somehow incorporating values for all of "blogspot" in its calculations, inflating the estimate horribly. My Marmorkrebs blog is valued at $4,570,988, but the main Marmorkrebs page at $254.

They try to explain this, but in a terribly confusing way:

For a sub-domain you have to take under consideration if you are in a (for example) tumblr or blogspot context or in a situation where the sub-domain is an important piece of the main domain otherwise the final estimator value could be higher.


I don’t think the site maintainers’ main language is English.

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Unknown said...

My blog is worth $1750. Not bad for a newbie I suppose?? ;oP