10 March 2009

Life with undergrads

There's much to comment upon in this post from Kim Hannula, who used to blog here but has since joined the Seed empire at ScienceBlogs here. I also find a lot of interesting comments on a question Kim poses here, to wit, “What kind of skills do undergrad science/technology/engineering/math majors need in order to survive and thrive?”

On a related note, there's this study on why people don't want to go into graduate school. In short, it’s seen as something that consumes every minute of your life – and still wants more.

I meant to post this several weeks ago, but kept delaying because I was trying to formulate my own comment. And I just don’t have much to add. Except, perhaps, to say that I recognize it all. I want to change it, but don’t know how. It’s amazingly frustrating.

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