08 March 2009


Don McLeroyThe national news coverage of the Texas K-12 science curriculum is gearing up again in advance of the final vote on the subject for the next decade. Yes, if you thought you’d read that sanity had prevailed and that “strengths and weaknesses” language about evolution was being removed, well, you forgot this is a bureaucracy, where multiple votes are always in order.

“Anything can happen in the final vote,” said (Kathy) Miller (Texas Freedom Network). “The board can vote to go back to the old standards with strengths and weaknesses in them. The board can vote to eliminate the amendments that Chairman McLeroy forced into the curriculum standards. Virtually any change can be made.”

McLeroy’s response?

“I want to see the United States keep its scientific edge,” he said. “And I think the way you do that is by being honest with the kids, you teach them the science, you show them the weaknesses and strengths.”

Mr. McLeroy, if you want to let them have edge, why don’t you listen to your experts? Why don’t you listen to professionals? Why don’t you listen to anybody else except those who just happen to agree with you? Why don’t you say what those alleged weaknesses are so we can talk about them?

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